Allergy & Asthma

Allergies: The Most Common Chronic Health Condition

Allergies are one of the most common chronic health conditions in the world. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the number of Americans living with environmental allergies is rising.1 Currently, the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology estimates that as many as 50 million people in the world suffer with allergies and 26 million struggle with hay fever.2 

Early Diagnosis - Smart Intervention

Veros Health believes in early diagnosis and smart intervention using an interdisciplinary approach to treatment. Our methodology can stop the progression of allergies from becoming more serious disorders like asthma, autoimmune and immune-related diseases.

The providers at Veros Health believe that education is a
vital part of effective care. The more our patients understand their
medical condition, the more successful their treatment.

Important Education for Patients:

  • Understanding your disease
  • Understanding your treatment plan
  • Understanding the end point
  • Coordinating your therapy with your physicians

Allergies and The Immune System

The purpose of the immune system is to defend itself and keep microorganisms, such as certain bacteria, viruses, and fungi, out of the body, and to destroy any infectious microorganisms that do invade the body. The immune system is made up of a complex and vital network of cells and organs that protect the body from infection.

You may be able to help control your allergies by maintaining a strong immune system. At Veros Health, we understand the link between the gut and the immune system and their roles in the treatment of allergies. Veros Health uses various tools to explore this allergy-immune connection.

Scope of Services:

  • Allergy skin testing
  • Complete history and physicals with comprehensive reports for you and your primary care provider
  • Extensive teaching on management of condition
  • Food challenges
  • Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots)
  • Interpretation of laboratory and radiology studies
  • Penicillin allergy testing
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • TRUE Testing (Patch Testing) for contact dermatitis diagnosis
  • Xolair shots for persistent asthma

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